Needless to say, I don't particularly agree with most of the criticisms

And for the right job, Java isn't half as bad as you seem to think. I'd say
the trouble is Java vs. the JDK (and other libraries). While Java itself is
still reasonably cool, there is a lot of real crap out there. And there's
plenty in the JDK! But if you're determined to program well, you can wrap
and hide the majority of this crap quite excellently in Java. What you're
left with is a screaming fast server-side programming language with more
support in terms of platforms and functionality than anything in history.
While I'd love to see a Scala where I can read 90% of the source code out
there at a glance like I can with Java, I'll stick with Java (at least on
the server side) for now.

Given that you hate Wicket and Java (and have a LOT of energy for that given
the length of your post), why don't you switch jobs? You sound unhappy with
your gig. And although the economy is down, software is actually quite hot
and there are a lot of jobs for people that just want to hack on loosely
typed UI scripts. Heck, I'm getting emails from headhunters almost daily.
I'd say life is too short to lump it. If Wicket doesn't suit you, switch
frameworks. If it's required at work and that makes you hate your job,
switch jobs.

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