Oh how I miss Swing! That is one of the main reasons I took a look at
Wicket.. I loved Swing. I still don't get why so many people feel Swing
wasn't a good UI to develop in. Threading was a bit tricky, but workable if
you knew how to deal with it. The event system was fantastic, and while it
may not have run GUI as fast as native, it ran on damn near every platform
out there and looked the same on all. I thought it was by far the best
overall cross-platfrom desktop GUI kit to develop in.. the only time it was
a bit trivial was with complex large screens that had tons of widgets and
data on it.. but after JDK 1.4 it was pretty smooth even then on Solaris,
Windows, Mac and Linux.

So you're not alone.. I built several desktop apps, my plugin engine was
originally modeled after Eclipse (platonos on sourceforge) and I was working
on a complete pluggable Swing framework when everything started going Web

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