[X] Other suggestion: (please specify)

Here is what I think it should be:
- <div> element should have class "feedbackPanel" (this is already the case)
- <li> element(s) should have class that specifies the feedback
message level (currently by default Wicket sets "feedbackPanelLEVEL",
but this is configurable with
- the <span> should not have class at all (currently it has the same
class as the <li> element)
- the styling should be done with CSS selectors (e.g.
div.feedbackPanel; div.feedbackPanel li.alert-warn; div.feedbackPanel
li.alert-warn span; ...)
- if custom markup is needed then a custom FeedbackPanel is needed
(one that extends from the default FeedbackPanel or a completely new
one, it depends on the use case)

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 6:03 PM, Sebastien <seb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> To sum-up this thread: we have a (not huge, but still) design issue that
> annoys several users. A patch* has been provided but some questions
> remains...
> Given this, I would suggest a kind-of vote about the several points
> discussed earlier, in order to enlighten the dev-team about the preferred
> choice of their (beloved) users.**
> Here are some possible options:
> [ ] Please apply the patch as-is. It currently provides 2 methods
> (#getListCSSClass and #getLabelCSSClass), #getCSSClass is marked a
> deprecated until marked as private (or removed)
> [ ] Do not apply the patch as-is, #getCSSClass should be kept (not marked
> as deprecated)
> [ ] Do not apply the patch as-is, I do not agree with the 2 method names. I
> would have preferred: (please specify)
> [ ] This is not an issue; this does not need to be "corrected"
> [ ] Other suggestion: (please specify)
> Thanks in advance for your contribution,
> Sebastien
> (*) https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/WICKET-4831
> (**) Sure, dev-team opinion is also kindly asked! :)

Martin Grigorov
Training, Consulting, Development

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