I get an exception and it's not very clear to me what I'm doing wrong.

This is the exception:
Last cause: Unknown tag name with Wicket namespace: 'panel'. Might be you
haven't installed the appropriate resolver? '<wicket:panel>' (line 3,
column 2)

I'm trying to override the markupSourcingStrategy because i want this class
to have it's own html file. Anybody an idea? I use wicket-core 6.7.0.

This is my java file:
public class ExtBookMarkablePageLink<T> extends BookmarkablePageLink<T> {

private final Component label;
 public <C extends Page> ExtBookMarkablePageLink(String id, Class<C>
pageClass) {
this(id, pageClass, new PageParameters());
 public <C extends Page> ExtBookMarkablePageLink(String id, Class<C>
pageClass, final PageParameters parameters) {
super(id, pageClass, parameters);
add(label = newLabel("label"));
    protected Component newLabel(final String markupId) {
        return new Label(markupId, new

protected IMarkupSourcingStrategy newMarkupSourcingStrategy() {
return new PanelMarkupSourcingStrategy(true);

    public ExtBookMarkablePageLink<T> setLabel(IModel<?> label) {
        return this;


and this my html file:
<!doctype html>
<html xmlns:wicket="http://wicket.apache.org";>
  <span wicket:id="label"></span>

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