Martin forget this mail, I think its a problem of flyingsaucer.

Am 15.06.2013 16:52, schrieb Piratenvisier:
Hello Martin,

I succeeded including the mail functionality.
It has nothing to do with wicket.
The example helps you to send an email message with a link to wicket.
I succeeded in producung an Itext-Pdf Document and opening it by acrobat as a link. I succeeded to produce a mail with an pdf document attachment produced by Itext and then I tried to produce a pdfattachment of a wicket page by using ComponentRenderer.renderPage and flyingsaucer and had the problem that the html-tag and the body-tag are missing

Am 13.06.2013 12:53, schrieb Martin Grigorov:

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 1:48 PM, Piratenvisier

Martin thank you for your instantanious answers,

I tried the mailtemplate example changed resource.text to resource.pdf and
after some research concerning the error I got included
   IPackageResourceGuard packageResourceGuard =
                 if (packageResourceGuard instanceof
                         SecurePackageResourceGuard guard =
in the init method of the Application.
I get the Document :
<!DOCTYPE html>

<title>A template based on a page</title>

<!-- The next is dynamically generated -->

You receive this email because you are subscribed for our products.
We just released a new version of product X.

<!-- This link is also dynamically generated -->
Please download it<a href="http://localhost:8080/**

The Marketing team

and when I use the link I get the error:

Problem accessing /mailtemplate/wicket/resource/**
org.apache.wicket.examples.**asemail.MailTemplate/resource.**pdf. Reason:

     Unable to find resource

What is still wrong ?

I guess resource.pdf is not copied in target/classes/.... folder by Maven.
Check that resource.pdf is next to MailTemplate.class

Am 11.06.2013 08:45, schrieb Martin Grigorov:


can see an example of rendering the markup for a page, a panel and a
At**em4wqtsxhetu4skj<>you can see how to create
PDF out of the produced HTML.

On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 9:39 AM, Piratenvisier

  Does anybody know some example example code to start with
concerning email and pdf

Thanks in advance
Heiner Braun
Am 10.06.2013 10:34, schrieb Martin Grigorov:

If you use Wicket 6.7.0+ then you can use ComponentRenderer class to get
the markup of any Wicket Page/Panel/Component.
Then you can use the generated markup for mails and PDF creation.
For PDF creation you can check****flyingsaucerproject/****flyingsaucer<**flyingsaucerproject/**flyingsaucer> <https://github.**com/flyingsaucerproject/**flyingsaucer<>
There is a mail in the
users@ mail archives from the last few days by another user showing how
use FlyingSaucer's ITextRenderer.

On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 8:39 PM, Piratenvisier<**hansheinrichbrau**<hansheinrichbraun@**<>

I wanted to integrate mail and pdf creation in my wicket application.

Till now I manage this by sending a request to a cocoon-2.2.0
This is a good solution but because I see no upgrade way using my
and integrating newer versions of spring I am looking for an


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