Thank you Martin.
Now I started another evaluation process after studying spring Webflow and Seam an especially this discussion <http://> lets me think more profoundly about the subject.
In cocoon I tried the flow subject with spring apllicationXML files
After some time with growing XML-structures it was rather tedious to find out the reason of a flow problem. In wicket I tried it with HashMap in the Wicketapplication. But the maintenance became also tedious. After the above discussion I think I will try it more with special Components and
and Inheritance.
Best regards

Am 16.06.2013 11:36, schrieb Martin Grigorov:

Some guys created integration of Wicket 1.4 with Spring WebFlow (
You may find it interesting and update it to newer versions of both Wicket
and Spring WebFlow.

On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 7:34 AM, Piratenvisier

Is there any support to structure the flow of pages and forms.
I build for my realestate software structures, defining a state of a page,
the visibility of the links and tabs, the pages a link calls in this state,
  database action to be done and the pageparameters
the link tranfers to the new page.

But maybe there are more intelligent ways to organize this.

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