That is a good question that I have been mulling over these last few says.
I think that I need to suck it up and just re-familiarize with Java -- it
is less verbose, with annotations and closures now, right? -- for all of
the benefits that the JVM with Wicket will bring me. I got a bit spoiled by
years of Ruby, but man, do you pay for that lack of compile-time checking
and type safety over and over again -- especially with regard to
performance and endlessly climbing stack traces over typos.

On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 8:25 PM, Colin Rogers <> wrote:

> Mike,
> I hate to be the old cynic and doomsayer, but generally I find that
> whenever a two programming technologies are 'crossed' over, with the idea
> that you'll get the advantages of both - the exact opposite occurs and
> actually you end up with a technology that only has the disadvantages of
> both and the advantages of neither.
> After all, Wicket in Java works really well... how would ruby improve it
> over Java? Or Scala in the JVM? Or Groovy on the JVM?
> Like I said - sorry - I don't wish to negative, but it seems like a
> thankless task awaits you! :)
> Cheers,
> Col.
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> From: Mike Pence []
> Sent: 22 June 2013 02:21
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> Subject: A Wicket in Ruby
> So I have this crazy idea to try to write some subset of Wicket using
> CRuby and the variety of technologies it employs (EventMachine, etc.)
> Hard to know where to start though, or how best to form a mental model of
> what Wicket does vs. doing a straight class-to-class conversion. Maybe
> there is a test suite in the wicket source I should consider. Of course,
> there is nothing like stepping through the code to understand the lifecyle
> of a wicket request (and to see how it persists session data, especially).
> Am I crazy?
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