On 10/1/2014 3:31 PM, Martin Grigorov wrote:
Apache Isis uses
http://simplericity.org/jetty-console/jetty-console-maven-plugin/ to
generate an executable .jar that contains all dependencies in WEB-INF/lib/
folder inside. Exactly as you need it.

Yeah, in another subproject I had already created a .zip with all the dependency JARs. I have instructed to the person creating the product installer to do the same for the subproject that uses Wicket, so that should probably be taken care of shortly.

I was just wanted to give feedback, though, that perhaps there is a better way to do this IIinitializer thing.

About IIinitializer:
this is the simple plugin system Wicket uses. It loads all
/wicket.properties from the root of the classpath and executes the
IInitializer implementations.
If wicket.properties is not in the root (or another predefined location)
then Wicket should do full scan of the classpath to find it. This may be

 * Maybe a better place for these files would be inside
   /META-INF/wicket or something.
 * Maybe rather than using the same filename, you could name it based
   upon the package+class, e.g.

Then the plugin system could simply look for all the /META-INF/wicket/*.properties files. That wouldn't be expensive at all, and it would cause no conflicts. Plus it wouldn't clutter the root classpath with clashing filenames.

I don't claim to know anything about this IIinitializer system, other than it causes a problem under a certain use case. I'm just offering brainstorming suggestions for improvement.

I don't know what you use to merge the making the uberjar but
maven-shade-plugin provides hooks to merge such files.

Yeah, there are several options. I think we have that covered, now that we know what the problem was. I hope some of my feedback was helpful.

A workaround is to register and call the initializer in your code...

I'll keep that in mind as a last resort, thanks.


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