On 10/1/2014 5:17 PM, Martin Grigorov wrote:
Are you aware of JDK APIs (e.g. ClassLoader) or Servlet APIs (e.g.
SevletContext) that make it simple to find the list of resources in a
folder in the classpath ?
E.g. "give me a list of all files with extension '.properties' in
/META-INF/wicket/ ?

Hmmm... not offhand. That was the "brainstorming" part. ;)

I don't claim to know anything about this IIinitializer system, other than
it causes a problem under a certain use case. I'm just offering
brainstorming suggestions for improvement.

Suggestions and feedback (especially negative!) are always welcome!
Now let's find a technical solution that doesn't cost much!

Assign me a JIRA item and I'll look into it more, I promise. :D

OK, I imagine once my team gets the installer code to use separate dependency JARs all will be OK even under the current system. I'm back to my project now. Thanks for the tips.


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