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1 - I already have a good load of content, can I switch to UTF-8 without wrecking the wiki ?
As far as I understand, all involved actors must run the same encoding.
It is just a guess, but if your database and your XWiki run with
different encoding, URLs with characters like á, ñ, or / won't work.

I haven't tried (and really do not understand why there's anyone on earth sticking with iso-8859-1 (except for wrongly configured editors such emacs) but: I know that the DB-installation instruction say that the DB should be configured for encoding unicode, so that the java-strings <-> DB is encoding proof for any encoding.

XML import is also bullet proof there: the encoding value is written in the header.

Where you change encoding is at the front-end (delivery, hence input) and there, I think you can change this right away, the re-encoding happens in java in all cases, to any encoding.

My 2p.


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