Hi Tjaart,

Unfortunately removing the select part does not help and I get the same
> error.
> It is hard to believe that few people have managed to construct a
> query for all object of the same class. I though this would be
> straight forward.
> I want to retrieve a list of object from a specified class and then
> print all their attributes.

Most people simply copy/paste the standard query and it works fine for them

#set ($query = ", BaseObject as obj where obj.name=doc.fullName and
obj.className='Contacts.ContactClass' and
order by doc.date desc")
#set($results=$xwiki.searchDocuments($query, 10, 1))
#foreach($item in $results)

#set ($itemdoc = $xwiki.getDocument($item))

#set ($itemobject = $itemdoc.getObject('Contacts.ContactClass'))

| $itemdoc.display('lastname') | $itemdoc.display('phone1')  <br />


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