> Well, stackoverflow.com is one global site for all questions, it's not a tool 
> you can install or host.
> It's part of stackexchange which is list of Q&A sites.
> FYI, I've contacted the guys just to check what is the process to get such a 
> site and here's their answer:
> "
> All of our sites are created through a process we call Area 51. It is the 
> staging area to propose Stack Exchange sites to the community and, if it 
> gains enough support, we create the site. Stack Exchange sites can only be 
> created via the democratic, community-driven process at Area 51. You can read 
> more about that process here: http://area51.stackexchange.com/faq.
> "
> Thanks
> -Vincent
Vincent et all,

did you notice at Area 51 there is a wiki Q&A site proposal in 
commitment phase ?
I thought it won't hurt to commit over there although there a quite some 
votes missing for that site getting created ...
Might be a bit too general though ...

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