In standard XE, CKEditor is indicated as default in
/etc/xwiki/ configuration file.

Maybe you had conflict at some point in and kept the
previous version (and then apt kept it like this since there was no
change in standard file).

Here is how it's supposed to look like at the end:

#-# [Since 8.2RC1]
#-# Indicate the default editor to use for a specific data type.
#-# The editors are components so they are specified using their role
#-# Some data types can be edited in multiple ways, by different types
of editors.
#-# Thus you can also indicate the default editor to use from a
specific category (editor type).
#-# The format is this:
#-# edit.defaultEditor.<dataType>=<roleHintOrCategory>
#-# edit.defaultEditor.<dataType>#<category>=<roleHintOrSubCategory>
#-# The default bindings are:

On Mon, Jan 16, 2017 at 7:06 PM, shouldbe q931 <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> On an infrequently maintained xwiki instance (.deb on Ubuntu), which
> was running 8.4.1, the default editor is WYSIWYG
> In Administration | Edit Mode Settings | DEFAULT EDITOR, the dropdown
> box contains Wysiwyg and Text, and does NOT contain CKEditor
> If a page in the wiki is selected, the edit icon has the options in
> the dropdown for WYSIWYG, CKEditor, Wiki & Inline form, then below it,
> Objects and Class. If CKEditor is selected, the edit window is not
> shown.
> I tried an update to 8.4.4, and there is no change in Administration |
> Edit Mode Settings | DEFAULT EDITOR, but when a page is edited, it now
> shows in the place where I would expect to see the edit window the
> below
> Content
> #ckeditor($parameters)
> I'm lost as to where to look next, and would welcome some guidance.
> Cheers
> Arne

Thomas Mortagne

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