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> plz also tell me in the response mail ,how can i fix the SALT with vpopmail
> SALT,to get same encrypted passwd value ,like vpopmail.

You don't want the same SALT every time. You don't want the same SALT as
already used in vpasswd.
SALT is intended to be different every time a password is created /
encrypted and only reused for _checking_ the password by password checking
routines as vchkpw.
The SALT the given PHP-functions use is build the same way vpopmail does:

'$1$' + 5 random characters + '0'

So syntactically and functionally password generated by example PHP
functions are equal to vpopmail-encrypted passwords.

> also tell me about " SEGMENTATION FAULT"

What to tell you about 'segmentation fault'???
Read yourself what a 'segmentation fault' is:


Why 'vmkpasswd' generates this segmentation fault? /I don't know/.
After you've read the document above you'll probably understand why there
ain't a 'Formular F()' answer.

You did not even wrote what version of vpopmail you're using, so maybe this
is already fixed in a newer version?!? Who knows.

Additionally I asked you to do a 'strace' call. I've seen no output yet,
hard to tell you what _might_ go wrong.

Next question is: you seem to change passwords from webserver. Are you sure
access permissions are correct and webserver user is allowed to
1.) change 'vpasswd' ?
2.) call vmkpasswd to generate vpasswd.cdb ?
   Remember: only 'root' and 'vpopmail' are allowed to write to
   'vpasswd.cdb', so if your webserver is e.g. running as 'nobody' you
   can't succeed without using 'sudo' mechanisms.

If all fails and you're unable to debug and break it down to a concrete
cause of error: don't generate passwords your self, don't write them to
vpasswd and don't run vmkpasswd manually.
Write a wrapper script that calls 'vpasswd' directly via 'sudo' mechanism.

Syntax for calling 'vpasswd' is

vpasswd <e-mail-address> <password>

So to change password for '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' to 'john_doe-foo_bar' the
syntax is:

vpasswd [EMAIL PROTECTED] john_doe-foo_bar
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