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It appears you have very little idea of how a unix-like OS works.  I 
suggest you start educating yourself regarding the OS you are using.  Once 
you have a clue about what exactly this "ENV variable" is, then learn about 
how Qmail works at and .. even 
better, join the Qmail mailing list at and ask there.

My final comment is directed at those who insist:

1.  We teach the them basics of unix systems administration (or even the 
basic syntax).

2.  We read the documentation or list archives for them.

3.  We solve their problems as they are unwilling to make the attempt.

4.  Or who fail to repeatedly provide a minimum explaination of what the 
problem is, or do so poorly.

A lot of people spend their precious time assisting others on this list, 
and usually do so without resorting to arrogant and rude tactics.  Just 
because we are *nice* enough to assist does not give anyone carte blanche 
approval to use us.   If you can't figure out the basics, consider hiring 
one of the many talented consultants on this list to solve your problems 
for you -- Your customers will be satisfied and you'll probably find your 
job is more secure because of it.


-- Steve

>Hello Peter, hello all,
> > ..... ? Make sure the program you set with ENV-variable
> > 'QMAILQUEUE' is executable and does not crash.
>My Question: How and where can I set the ENV variable?
>Oliver Etzel
>flatrate serverhousing

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