First of all: THANKS for the great advice. Took me some steps further.

On 24.10.2002 2:06 Uhr, "David Phillips" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> * Allow incoming connections to pop3d.  By default, it does not allow any
> connections.  There is an add-client script in
> /var/qmail/service/qmail-pop3d that can be used.  To simply allow
> connections from everywhere, create an empty tcp file and run the Makefile.
> You will need to run the Makefile after using add-client.
Sorry, can you be a bit more specific here - I am a Newbie.

> * Restart all of the services:
> svc -t /service/qmail-*
When I restart my services I get:
svc: warning: unable to chdir to /service/qmail-pop3d: file does not exist

A ywesee@alphonse:/service$ sudo find / -name qmail-pop3d

Gives me:

find: /proc/11060/fd: No such file or directory

What did I do wrong?

Thanks for your time and help.


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