Zeno Davatz writes:
>> svc -t /service/qmail-*
> When I restart my services I get:
> svc: warning: unable to chdir to /service/qmail-pop3d: file does not
> exist


> /service/qmail-pop3d

Is /service/qmail-pop3d a valid symlink pointing to a working service
directory for the pop3d service?  Most likely, the symlink is broken.  In
that case, fix it.  How did you setup the pop3d service?  If you used
qmail-conf and followed the directions, then it should have been created

You seem to be having a lot of very simple problems that would be easily
answered if you read the available documentation and understood how it
worked.  I realize that UNIX is complex and qmail is a big system with a lot
of parts.  It took me a while to fully understand how it all fit together.
However, once you understand everything, these problems are simple and qmail
is great to work with.

I strongly suggest that you start from scratch.  Remove all of the qmail
packages and everything else you installed.  Then read Life with qmail:


Read it and follow the directions exactly.  This will help you understand
how everything works.  Also read everything in /var/qmail/doc.  The pictures
explain a lot.  Understanding is the key.  Once you understand how things
work, you won't need to follow directions step by step anymore.

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