Zeno Davatz writes:
> What will this help me?

It's just a cleaner and nicer way of doing it.  qmail-conf sets up the run
script that way.  Functionally, there is no difference.

> Now on my online setup I got the following problem:
> In my office I am sitting behind a firewall. I got a t1 connection
> but I do _not_have_a fix IP.
> I am obviously sending mails only from the domains listed in
> rcpthosts but somehow I still get the 5.7.1 error! Argh.

That is good.  It means you aren't an open relay.  If you authenticate via
POP3 first, then you should be able to send mail from that IP.

> Do I have to check this or has this already been done automatically?

The POP-before-SMTP stuff is automatic.  That is why you use the
tcp.smtp.cdb file in the vpopmail/etc directory.  clearopensmtp is not
automatic, as the vpopmail makefile will not go adding things to crontab for
you.  I do believe that Debian vpopmail package sets this up.  However, it
just requires adding a single like to root's crontab:

40 * * * * root /path/to/vpopmail/bin/clearopensmtp > /dev/null 2>&1

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