On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 12:07:46AM +0100, tech wrote:
> qmail+vpopmail+mysql+qmailadmin+sqwebmail
> some of our customers could not log to the webmail (sqwebmail)
> with their postmaster account, i don t know why,
> so i replaced sqwebmail by courier-imap and squirrelmail

courier-imap's sample authmysqlrc select is/was wrong as short as a
several months ago.  If you find that those people have numeric passwords
greater than 65535, then this is your problem (password is being returned
in the gid slot, so the setgid call craters).  

# username, cryptpw, uid, gid, clearpw, home, maildir, quota, fullname
# the above is INCORRECT (per the big SELECT up a few paras) TD 7-16-2002
# the below is correct (clearpw moved after cryptpw)  TD 7-16-2002
# username, cryptpw, clearpw, uid, gid, home, maildir, quota, fullname
pw_name,pw_passwd,pw_clear_passwd,64020,64020,pw_dir,'',pw_shell,'' FROM vpopmail 
WHERE pw_name='$(local_part)' AND pw_domain='$(domain)'

I sent this to this list several months ago.

Ted Deppner

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