i m going to be really crazy...

i installed courier-imap version 1.5.3, 1.6 and the latest snapshot,
i also installed sqwebmail 3.3.7, 3.4 and the latest snapshot,
each time authentification for those users (some postmasters) failed.

in my mysql.log, we can see that vchkpw accept those users because
it update the timestamp in the lastauth table...
so what s wrong?

courier-imap -> vchkpw -> mysql -> ...
sqwebmail -> vchkpw -> mysql -> ...

i don t understand too why if i let quota fixed to 0 (unlimited)
when i create new users with my scripts i have no problem,
and if i fixed quota to 50MB, 100MB, 150MB i have that problem,
and not with the 3 others scripts (200Mb, 250MB and 300MB)

i really need help, please :-)

Ivan Rambeau

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