On Monday, January 6, 2003, at 03:42  PM, Brendan McAlpine wrote:

Does anyone know if any of the following rbls are slow or non-functional?

Starting at about 2PM EST, my smtp concurrency shot through the roof, which is usually a sign that one of the rbls i am using isn't working properly. anyone know of any problems with the following rbls:


If nothing is wrong, any reason why my smtp concurrency would shoot up to its maximum? I am watching the smtp log roll by and it doesn't seem to be an attack from any one address......
I got paged at 3 am because sbl.spamhaus.org was not responding, causing the smtp to stall. The frustrating part is that the -t option (timeout) for rblsmtpd doesn't appear to work. Anyone taken a stab at fixing this? I'd prefer that rblsmtpd default to allow the connection if the rbl cannot be reached in x seconds.


Bill Shupp

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