Just so all are aware, SPEWS DNS blew up for some unkown reason.

I believe this effected relays.osirusoft.com and all dsbl.org lists. Neither
of these resolve and the IP addresses do not respond to direct DNS queries.
So something is certainly afoot.

Details are still sketchy, but judging from my MRTG graphs, my SMTP
concurrency started to tick above the daily moving average (~70-80
conccurrent smtp connections up to 512) at approximately 10:00am CST
(GMT -6).

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

::-----Original Message-----
::From: Brendan McAlpine [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
::Sent: Monday, January 06, 2003 5:43 PM
::Subject: [vchkpw] problems with rbls?
::Does anyone know if any of the following rbls are slow or
::Starting at about 2PM EST, my smtp concurrency shot through the roof,
::which is usually a sign that one of the rbls i am using isn't working
::properly.  anyone know of any problems with the following rbls:
::If nothing is wrong, any reason why my smtp concurrency would shoot up
::to its maximum?  I am watching the smtp log roll by and it doesn't seem
::to be an attack from any one address......

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