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> Hey, one of my clients bought a domain which was previously held by someone
> else.  This of course meant that lots and lots of spammers were sending
> mails to a couple addresses on that domain, and he'd like to be able to
> mark certain explicit addresses for bouncing, while retaining the
> functionality of having all other misdirected mails sent to the postmaster.
>  In short, while he'd like to be receiving the folks who misspell his name,
> he'd very much like not to be getting the spam sent consistently to a
> certain pair of addresses which no longer exist at his domain.
> Has this feature been previously proposed?  Or more importantly, might it
> stand a chance of being implemented?

What I would like to see is a update made to the qmail smtp daemon
so it will  look up the email account and return a "failure 500" message.
Then by default, the email addresses that don't match would be 
failed and "hopefully" cleaned from the bulk mail lists. 

One natural, automatic fallout of the above design is that people who
send email to his mispelled email address will  get a message back
saying the name was misspelled. That usually is good enough.

A current fix you can make is to create a .qmail-"username" file
where "username" is from a list of the couple of email addresses
regularly spammed.  Just put a "#" character in the file. Make sure
it is owned by vpopmail.vchkpw and you  are all set. qmail will just
delete the email automatically.  usually this fix is enough so the user
is happy and they don't call back for another fix. 

It would be great if you knew of any C programmers with a few
hours to spare. then we could hook vpopmail into qmail-smtpd
and block the email right at the front door.

- Ken Jones

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