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> I'm sure I'm about to display my ignorance of C but:

> Is there a way to override the values find in a .h file from the 
> command line?

I don't know if there's a way to "override" the '#define's. A quick
test gave me "warning: `... redefined"

So I guess your best bet is to comment out the defines (well knowing
it _will not_ compile anymore w/o defining the values on command line)
and passing '-D' arguments to the compiler.


-DMYSQL_UPDATE_SERVER=\"localhost\" \
-DMYSQL_UPDATE_USER=\"vpopmail\" \

and so on.
The important part is escaping the quotes with '\'. Else they'll be
interpreted _before_ defining the value as "delimiter to avoid
argument splitting by e.g. space characters". The '\' tells the
compiler they're not surrounding the value, but they're part of the

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