> qmail-
> qmail-1.03-qmtpc
> qmail-bouncecontrol
> qmail-1.03-tls
> netscape-progress
> qmail-send.mimeheaders
> qmail-pop3d+vpomail

yes, patch upon patches... the same thing that other's qmail administrator has 
done. For this reaseon i've proposed the project described in my previous 
mail about this thread.

> I agree.  However there are a lot of little things (as seen in the
> patchlist above) which I wish would be rolled in to the next qmail release.
>  I don't think that's going to happen, though.  DJB seems happy with qmail
> the way it is and to be honest, any changes means he has to check it all
> over again for security.  Not fun.

I'm agree too, qmail-1.03 has been relased in '98 and djb doesn't seem to want 
to modify or upgrade it, and if it will be update i don't think that will 
insert third-part patches... djb is very selective (and strange) about this.


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