On Wednesday 19 February 2003 23:33, Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:
> > Anyone?  There must be some developmental work going on with it or it
> > wouldn't have been in the tarball.  I am willing to help work on it but I
> > need some help getting over this initial hurdle (cleanly).
> Nice, responsive list.  :-/

Yeah. Tell me about it. I couldn't even get someone to answer a simple question
about the vpopmail development cycle.

I think inter7 would benefit from two things:

1.) CVS
2.) Actually reading their own mailing lists.

These two things combined would make vpopmail a really excellent top notch
product, rather than the extremely useful, but kinda hard to work with product
it is currently.

> Attached is a patch to 5.3.16 which will get vpgsql to actually work (seems
> to work right for auth and relay, have NOT extensively tested it yet) -- I
> have not included the configure script changes since they were really nasty
> and I'm sure there is a better way.
> ATM the database, user and password are all hardcoded, and I did not change
> the existing ability to create the database if it doesn't already exist.
> That seems like a really nasty thing to allow -- basically you are granting
> the vpopmail database user full access to the vpopmail table where it would
> seem more prudent to only allow inserts, updates and deletes. (not
> create/drop).  Anyway.
> Another nasty is that the database notification daemon will spit its info
> out to the network (i.e. anyone accessing vchkpw) -- I will include a fix
> for that soon as well as some general cleanups and any other bus I find.
> I hope to do some more extensive testing, including clear passwords and
> open relay in the next few days.  Adding domains/users and authenticating
> definately is working though, and the tables seem to be updating correctly
> for relay and lastauth.
> Regards,
> Andrew

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