> 1.) CVS

I strongly agree.  The development snapshots are nice and all but for those of 
us who are trying to hack on it CVS would be a real boon.  Especially with 
the new website design that thends to hide what I'd call the CVS snapshot 

> 2.) Actually reading their own mailing lists.

I do believe they do this currently, although I imagine that it is not a top 
priority for them as they, as pretty much all of us, are out to make money.  
If it is becoming inter7's policy to give these lists a (much?) lower 
priority, then it should be labelled as such -- a user-supported mailing list 
hosted by inter7, rather than what it comes across as now -- a user/devel 
mailing list in which the developers and mainters are active participants.

I don't like to make a nuisance of myself by CC:ing people directly when I 
know that they're subscribed to the list -- if they're not responding, it's 
because they're either too busy or disinterested at the time.  Either way 
though, it'd be nice to have some kind of indication of the level of 
maintainer interest/activity in the lists.


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