Hi, everyone.

Just wanted to clear a few things up :)

As far as CVS is concerned, Inter7's development team is not the
largest.  I tried to make the case for CVS some time ago, but it
isnt looking as if it will fly.

If you're interested in new
development on vpopmail, take a look on www.shupp.org.  I know
Bill is working on patches here and there.  Im aware of a postgres
module, but Im not sure how up to date it is.  Quite a few of our
vpopmail modules came about due to client demands and funding.
So, put simply, if we dont have funding, and we dont need it, someone
else might need to put it together.

I know that just about all of the techs, and developers over here
follow the mailing list.  Myself, I dont read every single thread,
and I dont always have time to help everyone out on the smaller
issues, but we do make a shared attempt to support the mailing lists we

Having a development list is a good idea.  Although, this mailing list
*WAS* meant to not only be a support forum, but also a place to send
patches.  If you do submit a patch, please do not be offended if you
receive no reply, or receive a late one.  We do go over all patches
we see on the list.  However, we cannot accept all of them, as they
stand, into future releases, and we dont always have the time to
respond about the status of every patch.  Posting the patch to the
mailing list allows others who would like to use the patches to
install them without waiting for us.

Jesse Guardiani wrote:
On Thursday 20 February 2003 09:59, Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:

1.) CVS
I strongly agree.  The development snapshots are nice and all but for those
of us who are trying to hack on it CVS would be a real boon.  Especially
with the new website design that thends to hide what I'd call the CVS
snapshot versions.

2.) Actually reading their own mailing lists.
I do believe they do this currently, although I imagine that it is not a
top priority for them as they, as pretty much all of us, are out to make
money. If it is becoming inter7's policy to give these lists a (much?)
lower priority, then it should be labelled as such -- a user-supported
mailing list hosted by inter7, rather than what it comes across as now -- a
user/devel mailing list in which the developers and mainters are active

I thought of another one:

3.) Separation between the developer's mailing list and the user's mailing

I think that would go a long way toward helping vpopmail developers communicate
more effectively.

I don't like to make a nuisance of myself by CC:ing people directly when I
know that they're subscribed to the list -- if they're not responding, it's
because they're either too busy or disinterested at the time.  Either way
though, it'd be nice to have some kind of indication of the level of
maintainer interest/activity in the lists.


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