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Thanks, Bill, but Brian was kind enough to answer most of my questions
directly. Last time I checked, mailing lists were a good place for open

Of course they are. But reading documentation can reduce unnecessary traffic, too. Especially when the ChangeLog clearly indicates that new documentation is available on the changes you discovered in the ChangeLog.

Yes, and using maildrop will totally keep domain based quotas from working
properly. Looks like someone needs to patch the courier-imap and friends.

I'd be curious to see if Mr. Sam accepts such patches. I personally think that this new non-system domain quota feature is unnecessary, when system quotas are available, easily implemented, and a better solution. But enough people seemed to want it for some reason, and Brian did a very nice job of implementing it cleanly with his other vlimits functions, so I included it in my devel version. Notice that Ken has not yet signed off on this, so there's no guarantee that it will make it in the official release, anyway. So you might hold off on patching anything else, unless you (or anyone else) are prepared to maintain it.


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