> > I'd be curious to see if Mr. Sam accepts such patches.  I personally
  > > think that this new non-system domain quota feature is unnecessary,
  > > when system quotas are available, easily implemented, and a better
  > > solution.  But enough people seemed to want it for some reason, and
  > > Brian did a very nice job of implementing it cleanly with his other
  > > vlimits functions, so I included it in my devel version.  Notice that
  > > Ken has not yet signed off on this, so there's no guarantee that it
  > > will make it in the official release, anyway.  So you might hold off on
  > > patching anything else, unless you (or anyone else) are prepared to
  > > maintain it.
  > Noted. I personally hope it makes production. Sounds like a good idea
  > to me, it just seems to require a ratification to the maildir++ standard.

Seems unlikely.  courier has no provision to store "domain" quotas,
only user quotas.  Like I said in my last email, it requires getting
the domain quota from somewhere, and vdelivermail uses the vget_limits()
API out of libvpopmail.a.


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