mea culpa, you're absolutely right. sorry about that.

now, hopefully, i won't get flamed for the dreaded 'top posting'.


At 10:25 AM 06/10/2003, Jeremy Oddo wrote:
Paul Theodoropoulos said:
> we've had a request from a customer to be able to forward only the
> subject  line
Speaking of the subject line....  I had an English professor who, while
analyzing poetry, stated that the title of the poem was VERY important.
It usually gave you huge clues as to what the poem was REALLY about.

That said, I think one should take great care in the SUBJECT line of an
e-mail.  Many of us get 100-300 emails A DAY.  I generally skim thru my
INBOX and read the subject lines to determine if I want to read on.
Furthermore, subject lines that are less than descriptive to the
subject/question/comment at hand pose even more of a problem when reading
the archives.

Perhaps I'm the only one that feels this way, but I'd like to see people
put a little more thought into their subject lines.

Just trying to help out the mail list community,

Paul Theodoropoulos
The Nicest Misanthrope on the Net

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