On Monday, June 9, 2003, at 01:11 PM, Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
we've had a request from a customer to be able to forward only the subject line (or minimal headers) from incoming messages to the customer's wireless device, the reason of course being that if they receive a large attachment it chews up a lot of their bandwidth allotment.

i've been pondering this for a bit, and can't quite come up with a solution. i keep thinking something like forwarding the message to another account they create, and that one having an autoresponder on it, but that's not quite right.

This is something I was doing about 8 years ago on a sendmail system (and JT probably remembers it as well). In your case, just have a copy of the email go to another account, and set up a .qmail file for that account that pipes the message through a program or script of some sort. In our case, we were using Perl for its text munging capabilities.

The Perl program would go through the headers and decide on whether the mail should even be forwarded to the alpha-pager (e.g., ignore mailing lists, etc.). If it was worthy of forwarding, another part of the script would modify the message to get as much information across as possible. It used F: S: B: to show the From, Subject and Body. "From" would use just the name on the account, and munge it to an abbreviation for common senders, subject and body would go through more modifiers that did things like replace "with " with "w/" and "from " with "f/". Some of the users would even StripWhitespaceFromTheMessageAndInlineCapitalizeEverything to get more in each message.

It was quite effective, and shouldn't be too hard to implement with qmailadmin.

Tom Collins

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