Thanks for the suggestions (everyone).

What I found as an alternative turned out to be a teeny tiny php app that uses the php IMAP functions to do email via WAP. This allows the customer to use the browser on his blackberry to see a list of messages in his inbox, along with subject lines, and it'll display up to 1024 characters of the message via a link. Works pretty well, after I worked out the bugs in it.

For those interested:

The program is called WAPMail. As i mentioned there's a bug - likely a php4/3 issue, but it's documented in the in the support forum. If you want to avoid wading through all that:

edit mailbox.obj, and fix line 104 so that it looks like this:

$this->linked = imap_open("\{$this->imapserver:$this->imapport/notls}", "$this->user", "$this->password");

i believe you can leave off the '/notls' if you're using tls. The "\" is what's missing from the original.

the program appears to be moribund - no development on it since september 2000, but as mentioned, the support forum is mildly active, and hey - it works! nice to be able to offer this service to my customers.

At 06:00 AM 06/09/2003, Cory Wright wrote:
Ajai Khattri <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> A simple procmail recipe would suffice in this situation.

An even simpler solution would be to use 822field and mailsubj to send
the subject only.  In a .qmail file:

|mailsubj "$(822field subject)" [EMAIL PROTECTED]

822field is part of djb's mess822 package, and mailsubj comes with qmail.

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