Hi again,

Further to my previous email (follows), I have discovered something else. 

I created a new user. I can send mail to that user and it correctly ends up in 
the Maildir. BUT.... vchkpw does not authenticate that user ever - always an 
error. Stranger still, the failure is *not* logged (unlike the "intermittent" 

Something is broken!! Any pointers appreciated.



I am using vpopmail version 5.2.1

I have a strange problem where vchkpw intermittently rejects correct 
username/password combinations. I don't yet have good feel for frequency but 
probably around 25% are being thrown out.

The log simply notes that the user was rejected.

This is applicable both to my sqwebmail installation and also to POP3 email 
from another machine. 

I'm not sure where to start looking to sort this. Does anybody have any ideas?


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