On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 08:52:56AM +0100, Howard Miller wrote:
> > what's your pop3d run script?
> I am using xinet, so...

And that's exactly your problem :>

cut from xinetd.conf (5)

     Limits the rate of incoming  connections.   Takes  two arguments.  
  The  first argument is the number of connections per second to handle.  
  If the rate of  incoming  connections is higher than this, the service will
  be temporarily disabled.  The second argument  is  the number  of seconds to 
  wait before re-enabling the service after it has been disabled.  
  The default for this setting is 50 incoming connections and the 
  interval is 10 seconds.

As written on qmail.org, qmail is recommended to be run with tcpserver and 
daemontools, and inetd, xinetd are not supported anymore.
If you need a hand how to set up daemontools and ucspi-tcp heres is a good howto
on that: http://flounder.net/qmail/qmail-howto.html

G'luck :>


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