On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 09:51:06AM +0100, Howard Miller wrote:
> Mmm....
> However this particular system is RedHat 8, and I was having big problems with 
> daemontools processes just dying (big list of <defunct> processes). This was 
> reported by others here and there but I never saw (or found) a decent 
> explanation - I rather came to the conclusion that daemontools was broken in 
> some way. Hence backing off to the old fashioned solution. 

trust me.. daemontools aren't broken :) if theres anything broken that might be
RedHat's config, a bunch of <defuncts> might come from wrong run files for example, 
but without detailed look at them I can't say for sure.
> It is worth noting that this is a *very* low-use mail server, its just used 
> for a small department/project and only has about 6 users, which is why I 
> wasn't too worried in the first place. 50 incoming connections strikes me as 
> extremely unlikely, unless of course something else nasty has happened.

Well, give it a try with daemontools, I'll be glad to help with anything you might 
need there.
I bet it's xinetd causing the problems, still it's kinda weird if there are
really just 6 users.


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