I am trying to solve my problems with vpopmail for days, but it just don't work.
Cause I thought that some qmail patches are making problems, I installed qmail
again, but without any patch, and I installed vpopmail following instructions.
And just to mention that I am working on Slackware-8.1 and mysql-3.23.56,
qmail-1.03 and vpopmail-5.2.1
Before instaling vpopmail I check qmail and it is working just as it is supposed
to, also MySQL is working.
I confgiure vpopmail like this:

./configure --prefix=/home/vpopmail --enable-auth-logging=y --enable-mysql-logging=y
--enable-logging=e --enable-default-domain=katastrofa.com --enable-mysql=y 
I create user admin with pass secret in mysql and put it in vmysql.h. And of
course I check this user, and it is working. I grant to that user access to all
databases with all privileges
create database vpopmail
make install-strip

After that, I have no table in DB vpopmail, so I had to create them manually. But
never mind.

I create domain katastrofa.com and users: flylord, root, test, postmaster,
I start qmail-send, qmail-smtpd and qmail-pop3 with daemontools as it is written
in docs, and it is working. I can send mails, I can check and view mails via
Than, I create file  /home/vpopmail/domains/katastrofa.com/.qmail-flylord :

and when I send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], forwarding is not working.
Just to mention that no dot-qmail file is working. Vpopmail just don't process
those files.
Thanks in advance
Ilic Aleksandar

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