i use qmail-1.0.3 + vpopmail-5.3.20(enable-ldap)+ openldap-2.0.27+ qmailadmin-1.0.20 in my redhat7.3.
   my ldap entry is below:
            -> ou=test.com
   there are two problems:
   1. when i test the receiving mail from the server, it always reports:
       Error: No such object
       matched DN: "ou=people,dc=koal,dc=com"
       -ERR authorization  failed  
       Jens ( thanks a lot! Jens) tell me that  the query is executed by the "ou=people,dc=koal,dc=com" ,while it should be the "uid=xxxx, ou=test.com,ou=people,dc=koal,dc=com" ?   but how i can control which  type dn  query is executed?

2. add user through qmailadmin ,it always report:  Email Account [EMAIL PROTECTED] (test1) could not be added, but this user actually has been added ,and its entry in ldap has also been added. 
  i have recomiled the qmailadmin, and upgrade my qmailadmin-1.0.6 to 1.0.20, but this strange situation remains..........
      i find that there are many  combinations of vpopmail+mysql,  but the combination of vpopmail+ldap is few. has anyone succeed for this combination ?
   thanks a lot .


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