---------- quoting Peter Palmreuther ----------
> So it's debugging time. You have set up / done something _REALLY_
> wicked. I don't know what yet, but it must be something from "the
> outer limit" :-)
> Therefore your have to do _real_ debugging right know:
> - figure qmail-smtpd PID (i.e.: figure the PID of 'tcpserver' or
> 'inetd' process that is bound to port 25)
> - attach 'strace' (I'm assuming you're running Linux; if you're on
> *BSD use 'truss') to this process:
>   strace -tf -o /tmp/qmail-smtpd.log -s 4096 -p $PID_of_QMAIL_SMTPD
> - send a mail to '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'
> - after the mail has bounces kill the 'strace'.

Ok then, finally I got it ... FINALLY :)

*BIG* thanks to Peter Palmreuther for this great tip with strace. I 
can see in the trace that my mailserver (say: the sender, not the new 
one with this issue) replaced the virtual domain 
"mailtest.reinprecht.at" with "mx2.ebox.at" -- I think because of a 
wrong CNAME/MX record in DNS, I will investigate further...

But when I telnet on port 25 to this new qmail server and send a mail 
manually, then everything works fine.

So, thanks again to Peter and all the others who helped me out with 
this! Greetings, Matthias

Matthias F. Brandstetter [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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