::Beware that this does not seem to work 100% with vpopmail. Check
::the archives
::for a better answer.
::As a side note, "#" is not like "/dev/null", but perhaps you knew that.

Upon further reflection I can see how that might be inferred.

Just to be clear... dotqmail files are used as delivery instructions for
qmail... and a # is actually nothing more than a comment... and with nothing
else in the dotqmail file... the delivery agent doesn't know what else to do
with the message and basically drops it to the floor and moves on.

And in response to the vpopmail issue, which I wasn't aware of... if you
created a .qmail-null file with a # in it... then it would bypass the
vpopmail delivery agent... (Thank you Oden for bringing that to my

I have used a .qmail file on my null user in both 5.2.1 and 5.3.20
(currently in production) with no problems.

Same end result...

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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