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I'm currently running qmailadmin 1.0.25 and vpopmail 5.3.20 (been waiting
for a 5.4 release).  When users login to qmailadmin with their personal,
non-postmaster accounts and create a forward, a .qmail file is created in
the account/ directory, at the same level as Maildir.  This does not appear
to be getting processed correctly as the messages appear to disappear into
oblivion (w/o so much as a bounce).  I've typically always manually setup
forward as .qmail-account in the domain's base directory, not through use of
.qmail files in the user's directory.

So, what I'm wondering is a couple things.  First, does my older version of
vpopmail not deal with .qmail files correctly in the user's account
directory?  Second, is use of the .qmail file the best/correct
implementation, or was this "fixed" in 1.0.26 (which I haven't had time to
compile yet) by reverting back to the .qmail-account format in the domain's
base directory?

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Benjamin Tomhave, CISSP
Senior Systems Engineer
Sofast Communications      www.sofast.net

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