Hi Tobias,

> Is it possible to use courier pop3d like this ?

Judging from your mail telling us you get AUTHFAILURE, obviously not.

The authentication model of Courier-IMAP is different from qmail's own
POP3 server. For example, the checkpassword-compatible password checker
(here: vchkpw) checks for the password, then switches its user ID to the
target user and changes into his home directory, then invoking
"qmail-pop3d Maildir". Despite that, Courier's pop3d binary reads file
descriptor 3 to see if the userid/password has been succesfully

As a checkpassword compatible program doesn't set it up, you cannot use
Courier's pop3d with qmail-popup and vchkpw. Use instead Courier's
pop3login, Courier's authlib (which sets up file descriptor 3), and
Courier's pop3d. Or, simply stay with qmail's own POP3 server.

For further information, see "man qmail-popup", "man qmail-pop3d" and:



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