Im setting up a new system and I found that there is an error when
trying to use the chkusr patch with the latest version. Below is the
error from qmail. I tried compiling again with 5.3.24 successfully
so I then tried 5.3.25 and that failed also, with the same error.

./load qmail-smtpd qregex.o rcpthosts.o commands.o timeoutread.o \
timeoutwrite.o ip.o ipme.o ipalloc.o control.o constmap.o \
received.o date822fmt.o now.o qmail.o cdb.a fd.a wait.a \
datetime.a getln.a open.a sig.a case.a env.a stralloc.a \
alloc.a substdio.a error.a str.a fs.a auto_qmail.o base64.o  `cat \
socket.lib` -lssl -lcrypto dns.o `cat dns.lib` -lcrypt \
`head -1 conf-vpopmail`/lib/libvpopmail.a \
/usr/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.a -lz
qmail-smtpd.o: In function `realrcpt_check':
qmail-smtpd.o(.text+0xf29): undefined reference to `vget_real_domain'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [qmail-smtpd] Error 1



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