Is there a way in which I can set the QMAILQUEUE value in tcp.smtp for mail sent to a virtual domain?

I'm setting up a qmail+vpopmail+spamassassin+virus check server, but are finding that the spam and virus checking is adding a large overhead to the time taken to process a message (5 seconds on PII 200 Dual). One of my virtual domains will only ever be used for receiving mail destined for an in house mail client, and as such we don't care how much spam gets through to it. There is therefore, no reason for spamassassin/antivirus to check mails destined for this domain.

I tried adding this to my tcp.smtp file:-

but it didn't work.

Im pretty new to Qmail and vpopmail, so I'm still learning, but I've been trying to find a solution to this problem for a couple of weeks now, and the usual mailing list archives and google searches have not provided a solution

Many thanks


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