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At 09:54 AM 9/11/2003, Tom Collins wrote:

On Thursday, September 11, 2003, at 08:59 AM, Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:

i also run a *third* smtpd for customers who are on networks that block outbound port 25, i also run one called smtpd-2525, which is the alternate port i offer those customers to use to bypass the blocking.

There's actually a port reserved for that (called message submission) -- port 587. Many of my customers have been using it (including myself for when I travel and use various dialups or other unfamiliar networks).

yeah, i don't doubt it. however, the concept of ports is difficult enough to understand for most average end-users. by using 2525, it makes it easier mnemonically for them to switch between the well-known port and the alternative. I suppose someday someone may experience a conflict if they try running "MS V-Worlds" which is the name for 2525, but so far, no problems. ;^)

Paul Theodoropoulos

We run the same thing on port 24, which according to my /etc/services is for "private mail systems" which I guess an hosted email system being accessed from third party ISPs would qualify as.
2525 is a good idea though, since the mnemonic is pretty strong.


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