Hi Derek

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Derek writes:

> And, just for future reference, people may be a little more willing to
> help you if you're a little more polite with your postings.

OK, "polite" is eomething I associate with saying "Hi Derek" at the start -
it's largely low-entropy noise and I don't care too much if it's not

What you probably mean by "polite" is what I mean by "considerate."  That
is people check google and mail archives before asking a question that
has been answered many times on this list.

Or maybe by "polite" you mean what I mean by "intelligent."  But I
forgive those who are new to this stuff, have little or no experience
of it, and need an answer desperately.  I've been there.  I've needed
answers quickly even though I consider myself intelligent (oh, how
self-delusion leads us astray) and TRY to be respectful when I ask others
to give me answers.

I also know many people in many countries whose grasp of English is far
better than my grasp of their language.   Strangely, I know the
translations of "kisses" and "hugs" in many languages. :)

Bottom line: if somebody is obviously doing his or her best to get an
answer, I will respond if I can.  If somebody is trying to get me to
do hi9 or her homework for them I will flame.  I think the person who
asked was stuck, but I didn't have an answer...

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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