On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Paul L. Allen wrote:

> Bottom line: if somebody is obviously doing his or her best to get an
> answer, I will respond if I can.  If somebody is trying to get me to
> do hi9 or her homework for them I will flame.  I think the person who
> asked was stuck, but I didn't have an answer...

They probably would have gotten an answer had they shown the perms on
their ~vpopmail/bin directory and their ~vpopmail/domains/*/* directories.

I think "polite" in this case referred to the "I installed it correctly,
so there must be a bug" attitude. :)

My advice would be not to use the FreeBSD port until such time that
vpopmail is through some of it's growing pains.  There's just way too many
details that I wouldn't trust to an automated build system (at this point
in time).


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