A feature request for vaddaliasdomin.  I would like a configure option 
(best) or a command-line switch (not so good) that reverses the order of
the two arguments.  I'd like it for two reasons:

  1) It is then the same order as for ln (original, alias) so easier to
  remember if they're that way around.

  2) We get clients who register lots of domain names and want them
  After the first vaddaliasdomain I can up-arrow to recall the command but
  then I have to left-arrow over the original domain (a pain if the network
  in between me and the server is bursty because it's easy to overshoot) so
  I can modify the alias domain.  Reversing the order of these two would
  greatly cut down the number of times I have to left-arrow.

Obviously it would have to default to the old behaviour, but those of us
who knew of it could take advantage of it.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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