Paul L. Allen wrote:

You don't read so good, do you?

snappy opener,  i wonder what prompted this? whiners hate being called
you are obviously a person who loves to whine and when not whining,
likes to rage.
am i correct in this? no need to reply, i'm confident in my analysis.

a better one could be... /you don't listen so good, do you/

JB writes:

Write a shell script that takes the arguments in the order you want and pass them to vaddaliasdomain in the order expected,

I already explained that while I am more than capable of coming up with
that idea and implementing it all by myself, that such a solution does not
help the many others who have this same problem. Now you may think it sensible that hundreds or thousands of people each spend time writing
a script that overcomes an OBVIOUS DEFECT in a piece of software but I
do not. I think it more sensible to fix the defect at source, thereby
minimizing the total amount of person-hours wasted.

if you're so incredibly competent, why don't you grasp the simple
premise of open source.
--to wit: write the incredibly easy and simple patch. other may improve
on it. wasting no person-hours.
post it to the list thereby contributing meaningfully to open source.

if this OBVIOUS DEFECT is so abhorrent that 100,000 grateful souls
immediately congratulate you on
your brilliant and elegent solution to this nagging and OBVIOUS DEFECT,
then you can be fairly certain
that you are justified in your extended whine.

the only OBVIOUS DEFECT here is your highly evolved sense of whining.

But since you did not bother to read (or could not comprehend) my previous message where I stated that, no doubt this too will pass several miles over your head.

you are such a deep thinker... wait, i mean whiner.

GOOD software design requires creating a user interface that is optimized for the common case. The common case is people who already know about the order in which ln expects its arguments and who have to add several alias domains at once. I'm picking up some vibes here... Apparently, you do not understand that either. "Me used to having to do a lot of extra key-presses. Me no want change. Change bad. Me hated vpopmail being ported from abacus to computer."

i'm picking up some vibes here too...
you're whining about the incredibly complicated case of two (2)
possibilities and 2 or 3 domains at a time.
the vibe is that you're a -- need i say it again -- whiner..
get with the program, read the source. make patches. stop whining.
kelley g

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