> If you do this often enough, why not just write a simple little shell 
> script to accomplish this:

I'm way ahead of you.  It asks for the main domain, the postmaster password
and prompts for alias domains (finishing if nothing is entered for an
alias.  Then it sets things up and adds a blackhole (we have several
clients who get nothing but spam to some old mailboxes).

But then a client comes along and wants to add another couple of domains
as aliases.  Yeah, I could knock something up for that, but I generally
avoid that except when our needs are divergent from everyone else's.  If
I knock up a script, there will be others in the same situation who also
have to knock up a similar script to do the same thing.  Where something
would be useful to many, it is better to have it as an optional part of
the distribution.

> Say you have 100 domains you need to alias to 1.

The worst one of our clients has managed so far is 13, added in dribs and
drabs of two or three at a time.  For one it makes no difference.  For
hundreds I'd go the perl script reading a text file route.  For twos and
threes the current argument order of vaddaliasdomain is annoying.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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